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Expand your business and tap into the fast growing electric vehicle charging ecosystem. Emobi delivers a single point of integration to hundreds of e-mobility partners today.

Emobi works with over 100+ e-mobility Companies, US Government Agencies, Enterprises & Startups


Behind the Ecosystem

Emobi technology ensures unparallel data quality and security

Data Refinement

Improving the data quality of chargers and energy assets
Emobi's Data Refinement Engine improves the data quality of charger latitude and longitude, availability, and restriction information, making our data better than the original data from the charger operator.
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Standardizing integrations into one seamless point of access
Emobi integrates charger operators with various standards, ranging from legacy versions, non-OCPP chargers, and wireless chargers; delivering a single point of access to all model of electric vehicles.
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Public Key Infrastructure

Enabling secure communication through digital certificates
Emobi's Public Key Infrastructure enables your enterprise to a secure Plug & Charge experience. CPOs, eMSP, and OEMs are authenticated, elected as certificate authorities, enabling the issuance of digital certificates.
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Ecosystem Coverage

Emobi is serving fragmented e-mobility markets across borders.

United States

Over 110k+ charging ports are integrated into the Emobi hub ecosystem today.


Over 8k+ charing ports are integrated into the Emobi hub ecosystem today.

Our Engineering Labs

Emobi features three physical innovation hubs: the Interoperability Lab, the V2X Lab, and the JustPlug Lab, collectively transforming the e-mobility space through artificial intelligence.

We have changed the game for e-mobiliy businesses - hear it from our customers

From automakers to fleet operators to navigation systems to app providers to utilities, learn from expert why Emobi is key to any e-mobility businesses strategy. Meet our customers →

"eMobi Labs has been a game-changer for Sheeva.AI. Over two years, they've enabled our hyper-location-based charging technology, and rapidly supporting us with patches and supports. Their consistent communication, including weekly meetings, keeps us on track."

Adam Rouls
Chief Revenue Officer, Sheeva.AI

"Vouch io has spent an enormous amount of resources to integrating the growing number of charging networks in the US. eMobi Labs and its hub ecosytem allow us to finally and fully access all chargers across network operators with the assurance of high-quality and reliable data."

Evan Pavlick
Director of Business Development, Vouch IO

"With eMobi Hub, we've launched EV Club where drivers earn points for eco-friendly driving, redeemable for rewards. Their technology and consistent communication have been indispensable and pivotal for our business. Appreciating the partnership as we drive towards a greener future!"

Rai Basharat
Chief Executive Officer, Caremiles Inc.

"We have found eMobi Labs to be an essential partner in our mission to streamline parking solutions. Their technology has allowed us to offer comprehensive charging services to our users. We highly recommend it to any company seeking reliable solutions to enable electric vehicle charging services."

Aboud Jardaneh
Cofounder, SpotAngels

"Bovlabs uses eMobi Labs technology to connect with public electric vehicle chargers and manage demand response across energy assets. Their proactive communication has exceeded our expectations. We're thrilled with the results so far and look forward to continuing the collaboration with them."

Jaikrishnan R Pillai
Chief Executive Officer, Bovlabs

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